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  • Amber Cowburn

TIP 4 - a toolkit to deal with December Overwhelm

I've got one more tip for you in this little series, to add to your toolkit to tackle feelings of overwhelm and stress, in December and beyond...


This tip is one I just did a quick video on, over on the Working Well instagram (come and join by clicking here if you don't follow already!)

It's the part of self-care that people don't talk about so much, but is really crucial... and it's drawing boundaries and saying no.

Okay so it's not as lovely as some of the more 'treat yourself' self-care activities (do those too!), but sometimes the most useful self-care acts are the less glamorous things like drawing boundaries and saying no to things/people/demands.

Perhaps these sound familiar... ➡️ Are you a people pleaser?

➡️Do you worry about everyone else before yourself? ➡️ Do you often feel burned out and exhausted? Especially by the end of the year?

➡️ Always running errands to help others? Or agreeing to do things you don't enjoy? ➡️ Are you last on your list? ... then starting to say no when you're at full capacity is really important. It's great to be helpful and kind; but there has to be a boundary and a limit to that because you don't have unlimited time and energy.

And it doesn't have to be rude or offensive! Try saying things like "I'd love to help with that, but I just don't have capacity this month" or "Actually I'm at full capacity right now, so won't be able to do that", or "Thank you for thinking of me, but this time it's going to be a no".

Protect your energy and time, and ultimately your mental health. Because if you're saying yes to everyone and everything else; then you're saying no to your own rest, wellbeing and peace.

And there ends this little series, filling up your toolkit with some strategies to beat overwhelm in December - and beyond! What else works for you? I'd love to hear some of your go-to strategies!

I hope you found these tips + techniques useful as a starting point for your wellbeing toolkit. Add in any strategies that work for you, and call on them anytime you feel overwhelmed during December (and beyond!).


And for more tips...

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