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  • Amber Cowburn

TIP 3 - a toolkit to deal with December Overwhelm

Why hello, let's carry on with those helpful little tips to add to your toolkit, to cope with December Overwhelm (and overwhelm in months beyond too!)

I'm focusing in on December as it's such a hectic time for so many reasons; the countdown to the end of the year, the holidays, festive celebrations...It's often a month of competing demands, a never-ending to-do list, and a certain amount of pressure for things to feel/look a particular festive way.

I want to encourage you to take a breath and halt that December overwhelm in it's tracks.

So I thought I'd share a few tips and techniques - a little starter wellbeing kit with some strategies you can have in your back pocket, anytime you're feeling overwhelmed.

I hope they are useful starting points for you... let's dive into tip number 3...


Make time to rest and recharge this December.

This is really important as so many people go from exhaustion and overwhelm to burnout - which is a serious medical condition, where recovery takes a lot of time.

I often serve a little bit of tough love and say: if you don't make time to rest and protect your wellness, then your body may force time for rest through illness.

I know it can feel like such a challenge to make time for rest when you're super overwhelmed, busy and spinning many plates, so here are a few pointers... This is basically 3 tips for the price of 1!

💤 Rest is not just sleep. Whilst sleep is important, you actually only need a certain amount of sleep, and after that, it can become useless or unhealthy for us! But sometimes we need to recharge with other forms of rest; through social connection, through movement, through deeper introspection, through silence and sensory rest away from screens. If you're feeling really exhausted; ask yourself "what would recharge me? and see what you're craving!

💤 Small rest bursts make a difference; just getting into bed 15 minutes earlier, or not scrolling your phone but closing your eyes earlier, or sneaking in a 20 minute power nap - all these things can help eke out that extra bit of rest which really adds up

💤 Limit caffeine in the afternoons (it has a really long staying power in your mind and body as a stimulant) and blue-lit screens in the hour before sleep (it stimulates your brain activity) to improve the quality of your rest/sleep. IF you do need to use your phone in bed, then in settings you can turn off the blue light or turn the phone onto greyscale, to reduce the sleep-upsetting brain stimulation.

Be sure to come back for tip 4!

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