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  • Amber Cowburn

TIP 1 - a toolkit to deal with December overwhelm

Good-morning from a snowy and sub-zero Bristol! Wow, it's a busy month so far, isn't it? How are you doing?

December is such a hectic time for so many reasons; the countdown to the end of the year, the holidays, festive celebrations...It's often a month of competing demands, a never-ending to-do list, and a certain amount of pressure for things to feel/look a particular festive way.

I want to encourage you to take a breath and halt that December overwhelm in it's tracks.

So I thought I'd share a few tips and techniques - a little starter wellbeing kit for the festive season, if you like - to do just that! I hope they are useful starting points for you...

First up:


Try this quick 20 second wellbeing reset ⬇️

It really is amazing how much we hold stress and tension in our bodies and face and how 20 seconds can make a difference

I love that prompt, and it's a great one to save on your desktop or phone lock screen, or share with others. Little resets like this - which engage and adjust our physical and mental state - they add up and can really make a difference.

Taking deep breaths right into your tummy, and slowing your exhale is a brilliant way to calm the body and mind when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

It's such a simple tool - our breath - but one we under-utilise.

I know it might seem like irritatingly simple advice; "take some deep breaths" as you're obviously already breathing, right?!

Sure, you are - but when we're stressed, we breath shallow and fast in our chests, and this heightens our sense of panic. Our brains go to fight or flight mode, and we lock into emotional and panic-led decision making.

So anytime this festive season you feel overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or worried; start with a little reset using some simple deep breaths.

Stay tuned for the next tips to add to your toolkit, to tackle December overwhelm (or any month!)...

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