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  • Amber Cowburn

TIP 2 - a toolkit to deal with December Overwhelm

So we've already got one tool in our toolkit, to deal with overwhelm... let's add another!

(If you're thinking, nope I haven't read tip 1 - then go read that one first!)

Having a toolkit of stress-busting and overwhelm-beating tools and tips is a great thing anytime of the year. I'm focusing in on it during December as it can be such a hectic and pressurised time, in so many different ways.

I want to encourage you to take a breath and halt that December overwhelm in it's tracks.

So I thought I'd share a few tips and techniques - a little starter wellbeing kit for the festive season, if you like - to do just that! I hope they are useful starting points for you... let's dive into tip number 2.


Bump some things off your to-do list. Yes, do it - bump them, bye bye!

Often towards the end of the year, we find out to-do lists go on and on and on...

But there will be some things on your list that are more important and time-sensitive than other things.

A really good technique is prioritisation which I always teach. So much so, that I embedded it as a feature in my to-do list book (Make A List and Take A Breath)!

There is space by every single task to mark whether it is an A, B or C task.

A means... It is of upmost importance and needs to be done today

B means... It would be good to get this done, but it doesn't have to be today

C means... It's not top priority or time sensitive for today/tomorrow

And you can use this system wherever you're making your to-do lists, to really laser-focus on the most important things and lessen the overwhelm.

As well as prioritisation, there's another feature I built in which is perhaps a bit unusual for a to-do list book...

...And that, my friend, is the option to tick 'bump it' rather than tick 'done it'.

Perhaps it doesn't seem like the most productivity-inducing thing, but actually it is!

Because when we prioritise the important tasks, and bump a few things off our list - we give ourselves some of our time and energy back.

It can be useful to firstly get every thought and task down on paper- out of your busy mind - and not spend energy holding those thoughts in your head. But then it's time to sort, prioritise and reduce that list.

If you're somebody who scribbles your to-do lists on scraps of paper or tries to hold it ALL in your head... then I can strongly recommend the Make A List and Take A Breath notebook! It's the runaway bestseller for Working Well Tools as it combines being organised with some effective tools to protect your time and energy too.

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