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  • Amber Cowburn

The Truth About Blue Monday!

Today in January, you may be inundated by social media or emails mentioning #BlueMonday... the idea is that today is supposed to be the 'most depressing date worked out scientifically'.

However, it has largely become an excuse for a marketing ploy to sell sell sell... you will undoubtedly see adverts saying you need this, or this will make you feel better!

BUT, good mental health can never be bought.

You can work on good mental health everyday (not just on Blue Monday!) and the good news? Improving your mental health, or doing some self-care, can be completely FREE

Here are 10 FREE SIMPLE WAYS to start looking after your self & your mental health today:

1 Go for a walk - fresh air, moving your feet, being outdoors. Great for connection, stress-busting & endorphins. Daylight is crucial for wellbeing too!

2 Breathe deeply 5 times into your belly - lengthen the inhale & exhale. This helps calm our mind from an anxious state

3 Text a friend or a family member & tell them how much you love them, or just say hi! Giving out kindness lifts us too

4 Download the Sanvello App. You can do relaxation or meditation, or even Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercises for free

5 Think of 5 things you are grateful for right now - they can be big or small

6 Listen along to a meditation track on YouTube. Try searching meditation for beginners. Lie somewhere quiet to listen along

7 Have a nap! Sleep is a crucial part of mental wellbeing. Whenever your schedule allows, try out a daytime snooze

8 Listen to some old favourite songs from years back... enjoy the nostalgia and the escapism. Music can be powerful!

9 Make a list. Get everything that is on your mind onto paper, split into sections to make it more manageable

10 Do a 'Yoga With Adrienne' session on YouTube. She is an expert & gentle yoga coach, with a huge library of free videos!

...Wherever you're at, look after you.

Whatever your workplace, industry or business is, embed wellbeing into your work culture.

Need help with this? Contact us! We are experts at embedding wellbeing into workplaces at every level.

#mentalhealthawareness #WorkingWellSW

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