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  • Amber Cowburn

A Simple Wellbeing Check-In

Today, make time for a...WELLBEING CHECK-IN

🌿How are your energy levels? If you are feeling tired or sluggish, these can help: drink cold water, deep belly breaths, get up and shake it off, get some fresh air, and pop an energising playlist on!

🌿 What would you score your stress levels out of 10? Now let's focus on bringing it down 1 or 2 on that scale...

🌿 What small things can you do today to help manage your stress? Try making a list and prioritising what is urgent for today. You could also make a 'To Not Do' list too, of the tasks you are NOT giving your energy to today!

🌿 Who can you talk to, to share how you are feeling? Remember there are also mental health helplines and the crisis textline, if you are feeling low or in crisis

🌿 Think of 2 things you are feeling hopeful about? Perhaps it is the changing seasons, and the spring flowers appearing, or somebody in your family getting vaccinated!

🌿 Think of one kind thing you can do for yourself today? And make time for it! It can be something simple like getting fresh air, having a biscuit and a cup of tea, making 10 mins to do a breathing exercise, or texting a friend

🌿Over-thinking and worrying lots? Time for a distraction! Find a podcast, TV show, TED talk, or online course on a topic you are interested in. This will distract your mind for a bit and get you thinking about something else...

Lockdown is tough, but checking in with yourself and taking little steps to look after YOU can really help

Remember that small steps make big differences

And as always, do contact us if we can help! Perhaps we could do a wellbeing check-in or questionnaire for your staff, or lead one of our popular workshops on how to monitor and improve your own wellbeing?


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