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  • Amber Cowburn

Careers won't thrive if we don't look after wellbeing

An important reminder for us all: we HAVE to take care of our mental & physical wellbeing... if we don't make time for wellness, we may be forced to take time for illness.

Here are some key truths that we think deserve to be said:

  1. You can work hard at your career AND care about your wellbeing.

  2. Working hard and being successful does NOT mean burnout or always feeling overwhelmed and anxious...

  3. We do our best work when we feel well, rested, and have high energy levels

  4. We have to redefine success... what is the point of a high-flying career if we aren't well enough to enjoy the benefits?

  5. In our book, success means good wellbeing AND career progression

Reflect and be honest... are you 'working well'? Is your workplace?

Are you managing a balance of working and wellness?

Is your workplace fostering a good culture?

Is it inspiring the workforce to be their best selves?

If not, contact us today as we can help improve this!

From training and workshops, to action plans and wellbeing programmes, to wellbeing bulletins and signposting... we embed wellbeing into a workplace on EVERY level.


(Image is not ours, it is property of @iamrochellerobertson)

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