3 Top Wellbeing Tips... For Anxiety During Lockdown

A lot of people are experiencing increased anxiety levels and anxious thoughts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anxious feelings are a very normal reaction when we feel scared, stressed, or uncertain. If you are feeling anxious, we want you to know that you are not alone and this is a very human reaction to the current situation. We wanted to give 3 simple tips you can try today to reduce your anxiety levels during lockdown... Working Well are sharing some wellbeing tips on our

3 Top Wellbeing Tips... for Somebody You Are Worried About During Lockdown

Working Well are sharing some wellbeing tips on our social media and our website for the different situations we are facing during the pandemic... We hope you find them useful! Comment if there is anything specific you would like us to cover, and we will do our best #WorkingWellSW #MentalHealthAwareness #Wellbeing #WellbeingAdvice #anxiety #anxietyawareness

3 Top Wellbeing Tips... For Struggling With Sleep

Today, we have some more wellbeing tips to share with you! 3 Top Wellbeing Tips for... STRUGGLING WITH SLEEP Lots of people have said they have struggled with sleep during the pandemic, and this is often linked to stress and anxious thoughts. Whether it is pandemic-related or not, lack of sleep can be so debilitating, and a good amount of rest is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. We hope these hints and tips help! Working Well are sharing some wellbeing tips on

3 Top Wellbeing Tips... For Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? We have some simple tips to help you. With everything that we manage in our work and private lives, it is no wonder that sometimes we feel completely overwhelmed. Try out these 3 simple strategies to combat that feeling... 3 Top Wellbeing Tips for... FEELING OVERWHELMED If you are feeling overwhelmed, you aren't alone. We hope these tips might be useful to look after yourself. Working Well are sharing some wellbeing tips on our social media & our website

3 Top Wellbeing Tips... For Managing A Business Remotely

Managing a team remotely? Or partially remotely? This can bring a lot of challenges, particularly if you are worried or concerned about a member of your team... 3 Top Wellbeing Tips for... MANAGING A TEAM REMOTELY We are sharing a few simple tips that might help! Do get in touch if you need support or training around this topic - we would be happy to help Or pop in the comments below, what has worked for you? We would love to hear! Working Well are sharing some wellbeing tips

The Truth About Blue Monday!

Today in January, you may be inundated by social media or emails mentioning #BlueMonday... the idea is that today is supposed to be the 'most depressing date worked out scientifically'. However, it has largely become an excuse for a marketing ploy to sell sell sell... you will undoubtedly see adverts saying you need this, or this will make you feel better! BUT, good mental health can never be bought. You can work on good mental health everyday (not just on Blue Monday!) and t

A Simple Wellbeing Check-In

Today, make time for a...WELLBEING CHECK-IN 🌿How are your energy levels? If you are feeling tired or sluggish, these can help: drink cold water, deep belly breaths, get up and shake it off, get some fresh air, and pop an energising playlist on! 🌿 What would you score your stress levels out of 10? Now let's focus on bringing it down 1 or 2 on that scale... 🌿 What small things can you do today to help manage your stress? Try making a list and prioritising what is urgent fo